Coaching by the sea

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Hastings beach

Your stay at the studio apartment can include an introduction to coaching with Moyra Weston.

Moyra is an experienced coactive coach who uses the beach and sea view as inspiration for broadening horizens and enhancing development for the individual in their coaching sessions.

I hired Moyra as my coach because she seemed to see something in me that I couldn’t see in myself.  And that is Moyra’s gift, she has an uncanny ability to really see people.  When she is coaching you she is coaching the real you, the one she sees and not the one who’s playing small.  Somewhere in the process you start to see what she sees!

I feel so much more confident, competent and capable since being coached by Moyra, even putting myself forward for some stand-up comedy at a business conference which went down a storm.  Something I would never have done before and something I did because there was absolutely nothing stopping me from doing it – no critical inner voices, no nagging self-doubt, nothing!  Moyra helps you to strip away all that stops you from having the confidence to be whoever you want and to do whatever you want in life and I honestly feel unstoppable. 

I highly recommend coaching with Moyra, it is one of the best investments you could make in yourself if achieving your goals and dreams is important to you.     Lola Fayemi

Contact Moyra for details.

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